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3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Patio Door

If you’ve been using your patio door for more than a decade, then you might need to replace it. The patio door is one of the most widely used doors in Austin, TX, apart from French doors. This door connects the inner and exterior parts of the house. It lets you enjoy the outdoor view without having to leave your living room. What’s more, it helps you save energy. To continue enjoying its benefits, therefore, it is a must that you replace it when it gets damaged because of its age.

 Aside from the door’s old age, there are other indications that will tell you that you need a patio door replacement. Some of the signs are as follows:

The Door is Hard to Use

The first thing you will notice with old patio doors is that they are pretty hard to open and close. As the years went on, old doors tend to get heavier to the point that you need to ask for help just to open or close them. If your patio door is giving you a hard time, then getting a replacement is the best thing to do.

Cold Drafts

If your utility bills have increased, then your patio door might be one of things responsible for it. If your door is in bad shape, cold or warm air can easily leak through it. Therefore, if cold drafts are giving you higher electricity bills, it’s time to get a door replacement.

Security Problems

Old doors cannot provide the same level of protection that they used to give when they were new. So if you continue to use them, you are placing your safety at risk. But if you get a new patio door from Renewal by Andersen, you don’t have to worry about your safety because it has a state-of-the-art lock feature that will give you peace of mind.

If you are having any of these problems, you should consider getting a door replacement. Whether you need patio doors or French doors in Austin, TX, we, at Renewal by, Andersen, can give them to you. Call us at (866) 842-3370 to get a free quote or schedule a free in-home consultation.


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