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Breaking Bad Habits & Solving Common Window Problems

Bad habits can lead to lifetime problems. Chain smoking is dangerous to your physical health; overthinking affects your emotional well-being; biting your nails aggravates anxiety. The list goes on.

Do you have any bad habit? Are you trying to get rid of it or are you comfortable living with it? You can eliminate bad habits, no matter how big or small, if you’ve decided you need to. Depending on the habits you want to get rid of, however, you may have to ask professionals for help. It’s the same thing when you’re looking for solutions to common problems on windows and doors in Austin TX. You may be able to repair some on your own, but there are those that require the skills of professionals.

Here are three common window problems with corresponding solutions:

Stuck Window Heat and humidity make your windows difficult to open and close. Use a spray lubricant to solve the problem. This will prevent paint to peel or crack. For sufficient lubrication, point the spray up and down the opening of your windows.

Moisture – Condensation is common on single pane windows and those with aluminum frames. Older dual pane windows may fog up between the panes, indicating that the seal is broken. Replacing the pane with the broken seal can solve the issue. Better yet, replace you old windows with insulated ones to prevent recurring moisture.

Leaking –When windows aren’t sealed properly, cool air may escape, which can affect the airflow in your home and increase your energy consumption. Apply caulk on the gaps to get rid of leaks effectively. If it does not work, call a professional window installer to do the job. Remember, your windows should keep your home comfortable and protect you in any season and weather condition.

Renewal by Andersen® manufactures high-quality replacement windows and offers comprehensive warranties. We also install sophisticated French doors in Austin TX. Get in touch with us to learn more about our replacement windows and doors.


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