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Top 7 Window Styles for Homes in Texas

Windows can make or break the overall look of your home. They need to be able to complement your home’s architectural style from the exterior down to every room. With so many window options available today, you should be able to find a fitting option for each of the different areas of your house. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular types of windows in Georgetown Texas:

1.    Double-Hung
Double-hung windows have two vertical sashes in a single frame, both of which slide up and down to provide ventilation. They are often placed in such a way that provides easy views of decks, patios, and walkways.
2.    Casement
Casement windows open outward to the left or right and are hinged on the side. This type of window is commonly used above kitchen sinks and in areas where top-to-bottom ventilation is needed.
3.    Awning
Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. The entire sash opens to provide side-to-side ventilation. They are often used below, above, or alongside stationary windows.
4.    Sliding
Also called gliding windows, sliding windows have two sashes, each of which slides horizontally past the other. Sliding windows allow breezes to enter from different directions, but don’t provide as much ventilation as the first three types mentioned.
5.    Specialty
Specialty windows are custom-made in various shapes or with curved and intricate angles to suit very specific styles.
6.    Bay and Bow
Bay and bow windows project outward from a home, providing an extensive view of the outdoors. These types of windows add extra space and plenty of sunlight to a room.
7.    Picture
This is a stationary type of window that provides plenty of light and a full view of the outdoors.

Feel free to call Renewal by Andersen of Austin to know more about your different window options. We offer top-of-the-line Georgetown Texas awning windows, casement windows, sliding windows, and much, much more in a range of attractive exterior and interior colors. We also offer various grill patterns and hardware to complement virtually any interior or exterior design.
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