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Large Window Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen can benefit immensely from large windows. With more natural light, increased ventilation and a better view of the outdoors, your kitchen will both look and feel more pleasant. But what style of custom windows would work best in this high-traffic space? Read on for some ideas from Renewal by Andersen® of Austin.

Large Window Ideas for Your Kitchen

Bay Window

Let’s start with the biggest possible option: the bay window. A bay window is actually made up of three smaller windows–typically a large picture window in the middle with two smaller operable windows on either side. What makes bay windows great for kitchens is the added space you get from the “bay” area. You can this nook into a storage area with shelves for ingredients, tools or even counter space, or place a small cafe table there for breakfast.

Sliding Windows

A potential logistical challenge of installing large windows in the kitchen is the presence of counters adjacent to the wall. With a casement window, you’ll have a difficult time closing the sashes since you have to reach over the counter or sink. Sliding windows may work better because the handles will always be within arm’s reach and you can operate them easily.

Fixed Windows

Picture windows are great if you’re only looking for natural light and a good view of the outdoors. Because a fixed window doesn’t have any mechanisms, it’s very easy to maintain, which is a plus in an area where grease stains and other debris can easily stick to the narrowest seams or locks.

Custom Windows

Custom-shaped windows are great since they provide your kitchen with excellent ventilation, lighting and even insulation. Because the window is literally built for your kitchen’s unique dimensions, you don’t have to worry about having poorly fitted or awkwardly placed frames.

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