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Why Replace Your Sliding Patio Doors With French Doors?

French doors will add some elegance and added beauty to your home. Today, many are considering replacing their old sliding doors with this door style. These doors really open up your home, giving you better access and a more expansive view of the outdoors.

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Keep on reading to find out why you should replace your sliding patio doors with French doors.

Added Appeal

The classic design of French doors makes them ideal for a traditional or older home. You can have its glass panes customized to the number, arrangement and texture that you like. If you’re thinking of selling your property in the future, these doors could significantly add to its value.

Improved Safety

Swinging French doors can’t be pried open nor kicked in. While the hinges are exposed, they are non-removable pins, which means someone can’t pop them from the outside. Also, the glass on French doors is usually thicker, offering your home better protection against the elements.

Better Function

With sliding doors, you can only open one of the doors but with French doors, you can open both. This feature is especially helpful if you’re moving large pieces of furniture inside or outside your home. Whether you’re considering French or sliding patio doors, make sure they are the right fit for your space. However, when having French doors installed, be sure that the door panels won’t slam on the door or hit furniture.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Because French doors have a great balance of glass to the frames, making them more energy-efficient than your standard sliding doors. Make sure to invest in French doors with a strong seal around them. This will help prevent air leaks from occurring and keep conditioned air from escaping your home.

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