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National vs. Regional Brands: Which Are Better?

Homeowners often face this dilemma: should they buy a regional brand or national brand of windows? You might be inclined to choose a regional brand simply because it’s popular in your area. But before you do, examine first the benefits a national brand can give you.

Renewal by Andersen® of Austin, a top custom windows company, explains more below.

Brand Recognition

National brands naturally have better brand recognition than regional brands, and that has implications. Consider this scenario: a potential buyer from another state finds out the windows in your home are from a regional brand. Everyone in your area knows that the brand produces high-quality windows, but he doesn’t, and now, he’s having doubts about buying your home. You can try to convince him of the regional brand’s quality, but that’s not how brand recognition works.

Now, if you were to choose a national brand, the buyer could be more easily convinced of the quality of your windows.

Higher Resale Value

Real estate brokers also use brand recognition to get a higher resale value for your home. They highlight the features of your home to prospective buyers, pointing to the Andersen® brand sliding windows and doors, all of which have value to buyers.

Value for Money 

Why settle for a window that’s good enough when you can choose a top-class one? National brands can give you better value for your money.

While regional brands are capable of producing windows of decent quality, they can never make windows on the same level as the best in the industry without the economies of scale and proprietary technology available to national brands. By choosing a national brand, you’re be getting more value for the same or a slightly higher price.

Plus, national brands, like Renewal by Andersen, offer longer and more extensive warranties than regional brands, ensuring that your windows are protected against future damage.

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