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A Guide to Steam-Cleaning Windows and Doors Properly

Using a steam cleaner to clean your windows has several advantages over more conventional window-cleaning methods. Steam-cleaning doesn’t leave streaks on your windows, involves water instead of harsh chemicals and disinfects surfaces.

To help you clean your windows more efficiently, Renewal by Andersen® of Austin, your go-to company for windows and doors, shares a few tips.

Before Steam Cleaning

  • To prevent the build-up of bacteria and mold, only use distilled water in your steam cleaner.

  • Do not add essential oils or other chemicals to the cleaner, as it was only designed to handle water.

  • Vacuum dust and other debris on your windows beforehand.

  • Put down towels and other absorbent materials beneath your windows to prevent water from dripping down the floor.

  • Account for the susceptibility of your glass windows to abrupt temperature changes. Some windows might suffer damage if they’re steam-cleaned on a cold day.

While Steam Cleaning

  • Clean the window from top to bottom.

  • Use a microfiber towel to wipe off moisture from the windows.

  • Unplug the steamer before refilling it with water.

After Steam Cleaning

  • Release all of the remaining steam in the cleaner to avoid injuries stemming from the sudden release of built-up steam.

  • Empty the steam cleaner of all its liquid contents to prevent damage and mold.

The use of steam cleaners isn’t limited to windows; they can also be used to clean doors. While steam cleaners can safely clean the glass of certain types of doors like sliding patio doors, particular care must be taken while cleaning wooden frames. If the door is made of polished wood, check if polyurethane-based polish was used and whether or not it can handle slightly higher temperature and moisture levels.

In general, you shouldn’t steam-clean anything that has been freshly painted, polished, unsealed or waxed. When in doubt, use the steam cleaner on a small area first to see how it reacts to stem. In addition, avoid steam-cleaning delicate furniture or doors with more intricate designs.

If you’re planning to install new windows or French doors, contact Renewal by Andersen of Austin by calling (866) 842-3370 or by filling out this form. We serve clients in Austin, TX, and nearby areas.


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