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4 Reasons Why Window Seals Fail

The seal is an important component of your windows, helping keep outdoor air from seeping into your home. When the window seal fails, your home can experience many problems, from reduced energy efficiency to water damage.

Here are the four reasons why window seal failure occurs.

1. Installation Mistakes – Mistakes made during the window installation are a top cause of window seal failure. If you begin to experience window problems very soon after the installation, that’s a good indication that the installation wasn’t done properly. If this is the case, it’s possible your contractors may have damaged the window seal during the installation, the sealant may be defective or it wasn’t given enough time to set. Regardless of the reason, contact a professional to reinstall your window seals immediately.

2. Maintenance Neglect – Whether you have double-hung or custom windows, you’ll have to maintain your windows periodically. Failure to stay on top of maintenance requirements can lead to premature seal failure.Don’t hesitate to enlist the services of a professional to keep up with your window maintenance.

3. Age – Older windows are more prone to seal failure. If you notice that the seal is beginning to fail, consider having someone update the weatherstripping to prevent further damage. Alternatively, it may be time to replace the window.

4. Movement – If your window seal wasn’t correctly fitted or has become dislodged over time, then failure is likely. To rectify this issue, you’ll need to have the window’s weatherstripping improved–something that’s best left to a professional.

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