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How to Make Window Replacement Less Messy

While not as messy as a roof replacement or a bathroom remodel, window replacement nevertheless creates a mess that will need to be cleaned up. In today’s post, custom windows company Renewal by Andersen® of Austin shares tips on how to contain the mess during window replacement.

Keep Drop Cloths Away From Paths

Laying down drop cloths is a standard procedure during window replacement. Drop cloths help protect the floor from scratches and other kinds of damage. Our installers at Renewal by Andersen are trained on proper drop cloth placement.

Use Tarpaulin, Dust Covers or Plastic Sheeting

The areas near the windows need to be protected from dust. As the old windows are removed, dust will come from the plaster, as well as the yard and accumulated dust on the old windows. Be sure to protect your furniture, valuables and electronics by covering them with tarpaulin, dust covers or plastic sheeting. When removing these covers, do not shake them off inside your home or you’ll spread dust.

Set Aside Important Items

While Renewal by Andersen has general liability insurance coverage in case of accidental property damage, it’s better to not risk it and just put important items, particularly the breakable ones, out of the way. We recommend storing them in an area that’s out of the way, such as the basement or a guest room.

Work With Your Installer

If moving things around and preparing your home before a window installation—or any other remodeling work, for that matter—is not an option, ask your installer what they can do for you. Our installers will help you clear the work areas around your windows, and even do you one better by cleaning up thoroughly after.

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