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A Quick Comparison of Vinyl and Fibrex® Windows

Vinyl windows easily catch the attention of homeowners, thanks to their thermal resistance, minimal upkeep, and overall cost-effectiveness. With all the benefits of vinyl, it can be hard to imagine a material better than that. However, Fibrex® windows have gained so much popularity in the past years. They have proven to be capable of topping all the advantages that vinyl windows are best known for.


In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Austin, a trusted expert in windows and sliding patio doors, shares some basic information on Fibrex windows. We also discuss some of the reasons why Fibrex is better than vinyl.

What Is Fibrex?

Fibrex is a composite material patented by Andersen. In a nutshell, Fibrex windows are designed with the stability of wood and the convenience of vinyl. That said, these windows are perfect for homeowners who want a sophisticated aesthetic minus the hassle of maintaining the windows’ original beauty.

Advantages of Fibrex Windows Over Vinyl Windows

Much like in selecting doors for your home, there are also a variety of factors to consider when picking windows. For instance, energy efficiency is an essential feature that your windows should have. Both vinyl and Fibrex windows are known for their superior energy efficiency. However, if you’re also concerned about the sustainability of these materials, Fibrex definitely has the advantage. Vinyl frames are typically made from “virgin” plastics or 100% new materials. Fibrex, on the other hand, is partially made from reclaimed materials, making them a more eco-friendly option.

With regards to strength, Fibrex boasts of more than twice the compressive strength of vinyl. Fibrex is also usually slimmer than vinyl, but it can support the same size of glass that vinyl frames can hold. This makes Fibrex windows ideal for homeowners who prefer large panes for the best outdoor view.

Lastly, in terms of durability, Fibrex has higher tolerance for temperature changes than vinyl windows. As one of their major drawbacks, vinyl frames can get distorted and become susceptible to warping when exposed to excessive heat. With Fibrex windows, you won’t have this problem because they don’t contract and expand as much as vinyl. Furthermore, Fibrex windows have incredible resistance against mold, rot, and decay.

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