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Common Questions About Energy-Efficient Windows

Are you looking for new windows for your home? We strongly suggest selecting energy-efficient units. Not sure exactly what energy efficiency is and how energy-efficient windows would benefit you? Read on as we answer common questions about the topic.

How is insulated glass different from regular glass?

Insulated glass is actually composed of multiple individual glass panes. The term “insulated” comes from the thin insulation that separates these panes around the edges. The space between two individual panes is filled with a special gas, providing further thermal insulation.

What are gas-filled windows?

Gas-filled custom windows are windows with insulated glass panes. However, instead of being filled with regular air, gas-filled windows are filled with special gases such as argon and xenon. This gives them better thermal resistance and make them more energy-efficient.

What is low-E glass?

Low-E glass is a type of glass pane that is coated with a special substance designed to lower the amount of UV and infrared rays that can pass through. Aside from improving the window’s energy efficiency, Low-E glass also helps reduce the amount of glare when the glass is exposed to light. Low-E glass helps protect your furnishings from fading due to UV exposure.

What do R-value and U-value refer to?

U-value concerns insulation related to doors and windows, while R-value is often used to refer to insulation when talking about walls and ceilings. The next time you’re looking for casement windows, look for a product with a low u-value.

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