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How to Inspect Windows Following a Summer Storm

Damage to your home’s exterior components can occur during a strong summer storm. Your windows can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to large hailstones.

Read on as we discuss how to identify storm damage to your windows.

Be Safe

Wait until the storm has passed before going outside. While inspecting your windows, keep an eye out for potential hazards like fallen trees, debris and loose or broken shingles. As you approach your windows, be careful, as shards of glass may be scattered on the ground.

Check for Signs of Water Damage

Identifying signs of water damage and addressing the issue promptly can help prevent the situation from worsening. If your custom windows have dual-pane glazing, check for fogginess in between glass panes or moisture buildup. Take note of brown or yellow discoloration on the ceiling—this may indicate a leak, requiring immediate attention from a professional.

Look for Signs of Wind Damage

Strong winds can knock over trees, utility poles and other standing structures. Pressure differences around the home can also cause unsecured windows to shatter. After a heavy storm, check for broken panes as well as dents, cracks and holes in the glass. Look for any signs of chipped paint and cracks on the frames and sashes, too.

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