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Is Fibrex® a Better Window Frame Material Than Vinyl?

Vinyl was once touted as the “future” of window frame materials. From classic casement windows to traditional double-hung windows, vinyl frames were seen as a stronger, lower-maintenance and longer-lasting alternative to wood and aluminum.

But vinyl isn’t without problems–the biggest one being a susceptibility to warping. That’s why Andersen® Corporation developed Fibrex®, a material designed to rival the benefits of vinyl. 

How does this exclusive composite compare with vinyl? Read on to find out.

What Is Fibrex?

Fibrex features real wood fibers reinforced with thermoplastic polymers to achieve both the strength and durability of vinyl and the aesthetic appeal of natural wood grain. This strength allows manufacturers to build windows with slimmer frames, allowing for larger glass areas and better performance.

Comparison With Vinyl

One of the many advantages of vinyl is excellent insulation. However, studies have shown that Fibrex matches and, depending on the climate, in some cases even exceeds vinyl’s performance when it comes to energy efficiency. Fibrex windows are also more resistant to thermal expansion, the number one cause of warping in vinyl windows.

The Verdict

Fibrex is a much more versatile material that lends itself well to a wider range of window styles, including custom windows. While vinyl is a solid option, Fibrex is simply a better alternative. Fibrex is also extremely low maintenance as it does not need repainting as often as other frame materials. Lastly, it offers better overall energy efficiency and a markedly longer lifespan.

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