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NAHB 2019 Survey: Why Home Buyers Want ENERGY STAR® Windows

With the prices of energy nowadays, it’s understandable why 2019’s aspiring homeowners are looking for an energy-efficient home, whether it’s through their doors or their roof. Not only that, but today’s home buyers are also making environmentally conscious decisions. Recently, the NAHB released the results of this year’s What Home Buyers Really Want survey and there is one feature that stood out: ENERGY STAR® windows.

NAHB 2019 Survey: Why Home Buyers Want ENERGY STAR® Windows

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Austin discusses why ENERGY STAR windows are one of the must-haves for 2019’s aspiring homeowners.

Increased Market Value

Whether it’s a window or a replacement door, ENERGY STAR products bring a lot of advantages for your home. One of the first advantages that potential homeowners tend to gravitate to is the increase in market value for their homes. Since most aspiring homeowners are willing to pay extra for an energy-efficient home, installing ENERGY STAR windows can help you attract a potential buyer. Therefore, if you have plans of replacing your window before selling your home, make sure to schedule a consultation with Renewal by Andersen of Austin for advice.


Savings are another reason homeowners want ENERGY STAR windows in their homes, especially during the summer when your cooling bills are likely to spike up. In fact, research even showed that having an ENERGY STAR window can help reduce your energy bills by up to 15%.


Comfort is an important thing to homeowners and a house can be uncomfortable if the temperature is inconsistent. ENERGY STAR windows can help maintain a consistent temperature in the home all year round, making them a valuable feature for aspiring homeowners.

Protects Your Furnishings

The sun’s harsh rays can easily fade the color of your rug, furniture or even your wooden floors. Another reason that homeowners want ENERGY STAR windows for their home is due to the fact that its Low-E coating can protect your interiors from the sun’s damaging rays.

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