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Tips on Choosing the Right Window for Each Room in Your Home

It would probably surprise you how meticulous the process of selecting a window can be. There are various elements to consider, including the style, shape, finish, function, and composition. Of course, the room where a particular window will be installed also determines the appropriate options. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Austin offers a simple guide to selecting the right windows for the different rooms in your home.


Living Room

For your living room, consider creating a layout of where furniture and other items will be placed. This will help inform you of the type of window to get. For example, if you plan to put a table in front of the window, a casement window with a crank at the bottom and which you can open and close with a single hand would be ideal. If you’re worried about the sun glaring on your television, make sure that your window has the appropriate feature to prevent this.

Don’t forget about ventilation as well. Since this is one of the rooms where you normally entertain guests, it should have plenty of light and be well-ventilated. For these purposes, bay windows and casement windows might be a good match.


The sink is usually the focal point of the kitchen, so windows are typically placed in this area. Large windows or a combination of two or three smaller windows are commonly used here. Another popular choice is a horizontal sliding window.


For bedrooms, it’s important to consider privacy and the amount of natural light you want to get. A bay or bow window could be a good choice if you’re keen on having extra space and light. To keep your privacy, feel free to choose from a range of window covers 


Windows with privacy or obscure glass options work great in bathrooms. They are able to let in natural light while maintaining your privacy, and they can also contribute to the overall design of your bathroom.

Renewal by Andersen of Austin offers a variety of window types, including sliding, double-hung, custom windows, and more. We ensure top-notch workmanship to provide the best value for your money. Call us at (512) 298-2270 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve homeowners in Austin, Texas.


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