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What Causes Drafty Windows and How to Deal With Them

Windows contribute to your home’s energy efficiency, beauty and protection against the elements. When installed and maintained correctly, they can help you save on energy costs. However, you can end up with higher utility bills if your windows start to leak.

Keep on reading to learn about the common causes of drafty windows.

Why Windows Become Drafty

Glazing putty can become brittle and fall out as windows reach the end of their service life, causing the glass to rattle in place. As double-hung wood windows age, the sashes tend to shrink and wear, allowing outdoor air to enter your home. In vinyl and aluminum windows, worn-out gaskets and weatherstripping cause drafts.

Another common cause of drafty windows is improper installation. The seals of your windows may have also broken during shipment. If your windows aren’t designed for your climate, drafts may occur as well.

How to Get Rid of Drafts

The best way to eliminate drafts in your home is to replace leaky windows. Old, single-pane windows are more likely to experience drafts. Drafts are often a sign that it’s time to replace your casement windows. You’ll immediately notice a significant improvement in your home’s comfort when you install new windows. Choose quality products for your project like Renewal by Andersen® windows, made from our exclusive Fibrex® material.

With energy-efficient windows, your HVAC system doesn’t need to work as hard to reach your desired indoor temperature. This will save you a lot in your heating and cooling costs. Finally, replacing your old windows will not only make your home cozier but also boost its curb appeal.

Make sure to hire a skilled contractor for your window replacement project. At Renewal by Andersen of Austin, we only install energy-efficient, high-quality replacement windows. We offer different window styles as well as custom windows. Call us at (512) 298-2270 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients in Austin, TX, and nearby areas.


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