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What is summer condensation? This happens when moisture in the air inside your home suddenly cools and condenses on a cold window. In the summer months when the temperature peaks, you turn on the air conditioner. The temperature inside your home drops, causing water particles to form on the outer part of glass windows and doors. Condensation on the outside of a window is normal and cannot be helped. But what happens when there is condensation forming on the inner glass?

A Moldy Problem

The culprit is high internal humidity levels coupled with cool outside temperatures. This tends to occur during cool summer nights when the temperatures outside begin to drop. This condensation can eventually lead to the growth of black mold. 

According to the window and patio doors experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Austin, places susceptible to mold growth are the bathrooms, kitchen and other areas where humidity levels are high. Check skirting boards, behind beds and wardrobes, bathroom ceilings and walls for mold formation. 

Addressing Indoor Condensation

One way to tackle indoor condensation is to invest in exterior shutters and shades. Homeowners can also improve the heating and ventilation of these areas to keep indoor humidity levels in check. However, the most effective way to prevent this type of damage is to invest in energy-efficient windows with Low-E coatings to prevent heat transfer. Low-E glass used in windows and patio doors helps prevent heat transfer, reducing the risk of condensation.

For smart solutions to your window woes, you can turn to the experts at Renewal by Andersen of Austin. We can help you with all your window replacement needs, as well as sliding patio and French doors installation.  Call us at (866) 842-3370 today to ask for a quote! We serve Austin, TX, and the surrounding communities.


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